Alex duMauriée 

 Alex duMauriée trained and worked as a public speaker, seminar leader in corporate executive development and presented personal development and motivational programs for the general public.

She was part of an IT group developing an interactive Learning to Learn program at the same time. The time spent with educators, IT wizards, neuro-scientists, physicists, psychologists, mind-brain scientists, authors of a full range of disciplines researching how we learn and what gets in our way of that process is what continues to fuel her curiosity about each of those domains and more.

Alex was part of a team of trainers who ran weeklong accelerated learning camps for kids…active learning. The curriculum was a mix of learning to understand the human as a learning system, academic skills, as well as life skills  taught through games, ropes courses, personal introspection and individual and team challenges.

As a presenter and trainer she developed, co-developed and presented interactive seminars that lasted between 3 hours and 5 days for her own business as well as outside contracting with corporate training companies.

She taught “Learning to Draw”… a program modeled after Betty Edward’s book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ proving that anyone can draw and do it well.

It wasn’t until she was asked to create a program around creativity and innovation that she, as an artist herself, even considered the idea that art was a perfect metaphor and process to teach ‘seeing’, observing or keenly noticing how we walk through our worlds and how we relate to one another. Her time in NYC designing high fashion jewelry and accessories was another awakening to a particular way of seeing globally, seeing the vision and then reducing it down to the tiniest details and minimum structures…noticing then how creativity is not just a right brain function but also requires the sequential functions of the left hemisphere modality.

“As long as I worked, I wrote. As a speaker/presenter/corporate trainer the imperative for me was to write it first. I wrote my own lectures, as well as speeches for other presenters. Wrote scripts for video, ad copy, publicity and educational material for executive development seminars.

So,The Epiphany Café, which I created and continue to feed and manage seemed a logical home for some of my thoughts and my love of writing.  This latest vehicle allows me to continue to toss out ideas and hope that something sticks…(something quite similar to leading a seminar.)

Along the way I’ve been thrilled to learn the technology behind blogging, filming, editing, creating a YouTube video, SEOs, social media and much of what it takes to stay current with the blogging phenomenon. So much to know! Technology….another lifelong learning opportunity. Really? Could they slow down and let us catch up?”

The link to her studio website is on the Epiphany Café’s home page or at   In the galleries under mixed media, you will see the results of one of the processes designed to change or enhance how an individual sees and operates in the world.

The student/teacher/ in her continues to be passionate about learning, filling her own information bank or discovering what new ways each of the above domains link and overlap in very connected and fascinating ways. “With the speed at which information is coming at us, each new expert is nearly obsolete before the ink is dry on the latest book or before they’ve hit post on their latest blog. For someone who is curious it is a truly frustrating endeavor to “know” anything for sure for very long.”  

The Epiphany Café is an effort to share some of what she has learned, some of what she thinks about and a quest to elicit provocative and thoughtful responses that can keep the conversation going and growing.

“It isn’t so much about I talk, you listen. I’d like it to lean toward a…you talk and I listen kind of dialogue. 

So, become part of the conversation as it morphs from one subject to another. As in a seminar room, the audience can pretty much take a conversation to a whole new and unexpected level. That’s the hook for me.”