1. The What if Factor

What if you could learn to see the world in a different way; to see the ordinary in extra-ordinary ways? And what if you could free your mind in a way that allowed for more and new perspectives to show up?  What if a new way of seeing made room for the usual to show itself in different and surprising ways? This is about that process. It’s about the What If Factor...What if you could see [...]

2. Seeing the ordinary in extraordinary ways

How I arrived at these images and the exercise of What if? Awhile back I was creating a process for a group of corporate executives attending an 'innovation’ retreat. The goal was that by the end of the day, they would have learned to see the world in new ways...with new eyes or beginners eyes. The seminar I was designing spoke to curiosity, noticing, perception, intuitive intelligence and 'syntropic' influences in manifesting something from nothing. [...]

3. Why we should care about how we see our world.

In my first post, I discussed the What if Factor and how I came to create an exercise that explored seeing the world in extra-ordinary ways. The images you see here are the result of that process.  You can see in these collages that there are very few actual human parts but our minds easily translate an egg for a head, spinach for hair and seaweed for fingers as perfectly comprehensible. What we see is [...]

4. The domain of rigid relics

One of the gifts we have as human becomings is that of a creative spirit, whether we recognize it or not, whether we use it or not. Like a pilot light, the flame holds constant in a quiet place until sparked by desire, need or magic to shine a light on a new thought or a new idea. We also have a kind of invisible bubble around us that can either limit our ability to [...]

5. We are very good at not noticing that we are not noticing.

We’ve all experienced something like driving from point A to point B and having arrived at B remembering little or nothing of the trip. I decided years ago that I didn’t want to do this life-trip and have a white-out about the details of it when I got to the other end. Choosing to notice our lives is a gift that has tremendous value in the moment as well as over time. We can become [...]

6. Noticing life between the lines…

We are, most of us, trapped in an ‘if this, then that’ kind of seeing modality...a what you see is what you get way of observing the world. But, we know that 'this' is not always followed by a clearly defined 'that'. We know things aren’t always what they seem.  So why do some of us tend to take things at surface value and never get to a place of asking...wait a minute...how else can [...]

7. The Power of a Question

A compelling question creates movement in this universe of ours. That...I know for sure. From the many notes and journals I’ve kept over the years something of a gift emerged. Writing was a way of reconciling some of my own questions, and, as always, creating many new ones which, naturally, became the catalyst for new thoughts and again, more questions. It’s a crazy, cool loop to be caught up in...the whole curiosity thing. The aha was [...]

8. Basic principles of seeing the world new again.

Just around the corner is your aha moment. Before any meaningful change that matters….especially, a possible shift in world-view, a bit of chaos can sneak in.  There is often resistance to the possibility of even a tiny shift in perspective...agitation. internal, chaotic energy all around resisting even a small change in our perspective. We don’t even have to say a word to communicate our discomfort. Words are only about 7 percent of our communication so [...]